James Lind Alliance Gives Patients a Voice. Your participation is needed

The James Lind Alliance has posted a survey to take your questions and present them to researchers and clinicians. This is a priority setting partnership (PSP) that gives patients an equal voice to clinicians in determining the top 10 pressing needs in research. You can participate by clicking the link below and submitting what you feel needs more attention in hyperacusis research:

Submit your hyperacusis research priorities to researchers today

A similar priority setting partnership was done for tinnitus. The process was described as follows

  1. Harvesting questionnaire launch (see link above for hyperacusis questionnaire)
  2. Harvesting questionnaire classification and sorting.
  3. Ranking questionnaire (ranking questions submitted in harvesting questionnaire)
  4. Ranking questionnaire classification and sorting
  5. Prioritization meeting (a group of 50% clinicians and 50% patients negotiate the top 10 pressing items for research)

A summary of the results of a parallel effort for tinnitus  can be found by using the link below:
Tinnitus Priority Setting Summary

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