Finding a clinician familiar with hyperacusis can be challenging. If an audiologist specializes in tinnitus there is a good chance they are familiar with hyperacusis as well. Once you find someone familiar with hyperacusis, you will be able to receive a proper diagnosis and overview of treatment options. Audiometric testing other than hearing sensitivity tests should not be done with someone who is unfamiliar with hyperacusis as sound levels can be high. MRIs even with hearing protection are very loud (110dB-120dB) and may need to be avoided depending on the severity of hyperacusis. The pros and cons of these tests should be discussed with a doctor who is experienced with hyperacusis.

United Kingdom Clinician Network

Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Clinician Network

Counseling over the phone

U. of Iowa Hyperacusis Counseling Over the Telephone ($95-$160)
Clinician: Dr. Richard Tyler (Audiologist)
Treatment Type: Hyperacusis activities treatment (HAT)

Hyperacusis CBT Counseling Over Skype ($230-$330)
Clinician: Dr. Hashir Aazh (Audiologist)
Treatment Type: CBT with presumption that psychological factors are the primary cause of decreased sound tolerance.

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Support/Patient Forum

Tinnitus Talk

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Hyperacusis & Tinnitus Support Facebook Group

Hyperacusis News

Hyperacusis Research Facebook Page

Public Awareness

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Learning Learn about the ear

Thorough review of hyperacusis research (Damien Ponsot 2015)

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Pubmed– National database of medical research.

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Further Reading

General Information

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